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I am planning on running the Melbourne Marathon in 2014 after finishing (badly) in the 1/2 marathon in 2013. This is going to be my daily blog of those efforts. Hopefully each day will also have some sort of pontification about something.

Craig Payne

Find Me: – this is my main running blog where I review all the latest research that is relevant to running injuries, running shoes and running technique. – my Twitter account (please follow me!) – my profile at PodiaPaedia – the podiatry encyclopaedia. – my Facebook page – the holding company for my businesses. – my profile at Research Blogging – my profile at Runners Space – my blog on Toning Shoes with all the latest information – Its a Foot Captions, but not as you know it – my blog on miscellaneous things! – FallCPD – my business site for continuous professional development courses. – my Podiatry rant TV website

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